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10 Beautiful Moroccan Interior Design Ideas


The Moroccan style can be a wonderful design influence for our homes. The style is so distinctive and warm. A room with even a touch of North African elements can really be brought alive.

However, Moroccan style interiors are quite a statement; if implemented incorrectly you can have a design that looks over powering and somewhat garish.

The Moroccan Style

Morocco is an extremely diverse country, with residents that are Arab, Berber, and many European and sub-Saharan African immigrants.

The interior design stemming from Morocco reflects this diversity and is rich in cultural traditions and history.

A truly Moroccan interior will contain intricate carvings, arched doorways, and colorful fabrics. This vibrancy has made the Moroccan look popular in homes all over the world.

Below are some interior design images that use Moroccan style has the basis of thier look. Some follow the traditional elements in full, while others are more contemporary with just a dash of Morocco to add some exotic North African mysticism to the overall feel of the room.

Now we will explore what you need to consider when using Moroccan style elements as part of your interior design concept.

The Colors of Morocco

The colors that you should use when going for a Moroccan style are earthy hues. Browns and reds to reflect warmth, coupled with vibrant turquoise a favorite of North African and the Middle East.

These deep, rich tones look wonderful in a carefully stylized room: Jade, olive and sage green – set against fiery red or glowing amber.

To bring these tones out, you should also use light paler colors such as beige – making these design inspirations an option in any modern flat. Pale ocean blues can also be used as wider background tones, however this approach is not always suited in a smaller sized room.

moroccan-style-house-interior colors
The colors of Morocco – warm red and brown hues makes this bedroom look exceptionally inviting

Moroccan Style Decor

To do a Moroccan styled room justice, you should try to source some wrought iron furniture.

Low types of seating, rugs and floor cushions are also very important, and when set against the right choice of wall color will instantly give any room a North African vibe. Cushioned footstools can also be used.

Cupboards and wardrobes in the Moroccan style are incredibly ornate. If you can source them, a carefully decorated piece of furniture will be the finishing touch to really transport your living space into the realms of this wonderful land.

casbah_berber_cabinet moroccan style interior design
A Moroccan Style Cabinet – note the elaborate design elements

Moroccan Tiling

To really embrace the interior design style of Morocco, you need to incorporate some intricate tile work.

In short this is an essential part of Moroccan interior design and the influence is unmistakable once in place within your home. Both the walls and floors can be decorated using this tiling technique.

If the budget extends to it, there are many beautiful hand made tile ranges available. You will need an expert to take care of this for you however.

moroccan-tiles interior design ideas
A collection of Moroccan style tiles

Moroccan Style Interior Lighting

Lighting is vital in any room, and if you really want to create a Moroccan style interior you will need to implement some specific lighting design approaches.

A Moroccan style room is meant to exude an seductive, ambient space. The correct lighting will bring out the dark tones of the decor, and highlight in just the right way the intricacies of the furniture designs and any other ornaments you may have in place.

You should look for interesting pendants that can be hung at various height levels. There is also scope for the use of mystical looking colorful glass shades.

When all of these elements are put together you will have a Moroccan style room that will be unforgettable to anyone who walks in there.

Simply stunning Moroccan style lampshades