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Are You Happy (Enough)?

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Do you ever ponder whether you’re happy enough? It’s normal to assess your frame of mind occasionally. Nonetheless, if the idea you might have gone off track and don’t lead the joyful life you want could disturb you. Here’s how to explore the topic and decipher whether you should change tack or are happy after all.

Think in terms of contentedness rather than full-on joy

Don’t think of happiness as huge, continuous joy. Otherwise, you’re in danger of using an inaccurate yardstick to measure your mindset. No one’s happy all the time. Indeed, joyless periods provide contrast, aiding the recognition of better times when they occur. Happy people, those you might describe as happy more often than not, are content. They don’t expect to feel elated too often and accept that satisfaction and fulfillment signal a happy life.

A balanced lifestyle leads to happiness

Peace of mind, a requirement for steady joy, stems from a balanced lifestyle. If one area of life is out of whack, even when the others are fine, you can’t be completely happy. Your mind drifts to problems and you’re stressed. When you are truly happy, you work to keep all aspects of your lifestyle afloat. When you note one area dip, you inspect it and adopt helpful changes.

Too much worry reduces joy

It’s normal to worry occasionally. Life presents challenges that aid growth, and you can’t always avoid problems. Nonetheless, if you worry often, rather than now and then, you are stressed. Pressure depletes your joy and makes life hard.

Happy individuals know they will meet difficulties, but they make sure they manage them as well as possible and take steps to reduce them. Doing so means they don’t experience as much stress as their less resilient counterparts.

Frequent fears about the past or future and a negative mindset increase unhappiness. The key to a calmer, more joyful existence is to build resilience. Maintain a stress reduction practice like meditation and get help when you need it, and you’ll be on the road to happiness. Then again, if you entertain little negative self-talk, perhaps you are already happy.

There’s a good chance you are close to a content life, even if you aren’t completely happy at present. People who mull over their joy level aren’t depressed or miserable: If you were, you’d know it. Most individuals who contemplate whether they can improve their mood know something’s amiss, but are close to a happy life. A few lifestyle tweaks shift them nearer to wellbeing. If the description fits, examine your life and make sure it’s balanced and your perspective is too, and joy won’t be far behind.