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Black-Eyed Kids Phenomena

Photo: commons.wikimedia.org

The term “black-eyed kids,” often abbreviated as BEK, has been floating around the internet for the past twenty years or so. According to alleged witnesses, black-eyed kids are children who appear to have eyes that are pitch black with no indication of either pupil or iris in either eye. There have been several accounts, and they appear to have some general commonalities.

The reports of black-eyed kids all seem to involve children between twelve and seventeen years of age. They dress in normal children’s clothing, but they seem to bring with them a sense of fear and wrongness that the witness quickly picks up on. The events always seem to happen at dusk or in the early evening, and these children appear to be intent on being invited into the car or home of the witness. When refused, these children become angry and demanding, and they will not leave until the individual closes the door or drives away. And, oddly enough, they have never been seen in the same area twice.

Whether BEKs are true or just an urban legend, the stories are certainly creepy enough. The first well documented BEK account came from a man known as Brian Bethel in 1998. He claims that as he sat in his car in the parking lot, two boys approached. They looked like any other children, but Bethel claims that he experienced a desire to run, or possibly to fight, but he couldn’t credit this reaction, for they were just two young children. Something simply wasn’t right.

The boys told him that they wanted to see a movie, but didn’t have the money with them right now. They asked if Bethel could give them a ride home so that they could retrieve the money. Bethel explained that he could not do so. The boys became insistent and agitated at this response. Finally, when it became clear that Bethel would not give in to their wishes, they became angry. Their eyes turned black as coals, with no hint of either iris or pupil.

Bethel claims that he was paralyzed with a feeling of utter and complete terror before he finally collected himself enough to drive away. There are similar accounts scattered across the internet, but it does not appear as if anyone has ever invited the BEKs into their home or car. If they have, they have never reported it.

Where do these children come from? Are they simply kids wearing contacts, or something more sinister? Indeed, have these accounts been reported accurately? It doesn’t appear that there’s any way to know for sure at the present time.

And what of the fear the black-eyed children seem to cause? Is it truly caused by these children, or is it simply an overreaction on the part of the witnesses? Could these black-eyed kids possibly be from another world, or even another plane of existence? Some theories assume so. While it seems as if the answers to these questions are elusive, one thing is certain — these stories are quite strange and unexplainable, and not a little creepy.