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Enterprising Chinese Farmers Ditch the Fields to Build Giant Transformer Robots

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How’s this for entrepreneurship? In 2007, a father-and-son team from Hunan, China ditched a life-time of farm work to begin creating giant Transformer robot replicas from scrap metal and used car parts.

Yu Zhilin and his son Yu Lingyun switched to building the models when they realised the potential in the Chinese market, where the Transformers film franchise has proved incredibly popular.

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Their business acumen was spot on it seems. Cashing in on the nation’s obsession with Transformers, their model replicas, (some of which at over 15 metres high are taller than a 2-storey house) now generate an income close to one million yuan a year (approximately $170,000).

With an interest and some training in fine arts, Yu Zhilin was able to create the designs by downloading images from the Internet.

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His son then assisted with the build process, using old car parts and discarded scrap metal to create the amazing detailed models pictured here.

Buyers come from all over China, with some of their work even being installed in the reception areas of a number of corporate buildings in Beijing and Shanghai.

The first model took them three years to complete; however the team have now streamlined the process.

Using early profits to build a small factory, the business now builds enough robots to meet the ever growing demand, while generating a very healthy living by Chinese standards.

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[Image Credit: www.news.cn, www.hollywoodreporter.com]