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Familiar Music

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True Ghost Experiences from Everyday People

Dean graduated from high school almost a year ahead of schedule. He fancied becoming an engineer and wanted to go to a technical college to get his Bachelors Degree. He was accepted into a college in Arizona, just the next state over. He was not unfamiliar with the desert as his brother Robert lived in the same city as well. Dean’s father took advantage of the situation; he viewed it as an opportunity of investment. He purchased a house where Dean would live and manage it, renting out rooms to other technical students or individuals. If there was any serious situation Robert was always there for extra help. There is no getting around it; the older track house was a fixer-upper. Dean fixed the necessities and started renting out the rooms. He found that extra storage space was needed to store his camping equipment, and for the first time looked towards the attic. He didn’t notice anything unusual in the attic. He found the attic empty with ample space for his tent, stove, fishing poles, pots and pans.

A year went by, room mates moved in and out. Some stated personal reasons for moving, getting married or they just simply couldn’t pay rent. Other room mates just said that they didn’t like the vibe in the house; others said that it was just too noisy. Potential renters came by to look at the house, most people passed it up. By early autumn – late summer by Arizona standards – all the rooms were rented. The Arizona heat let up a little and the weather turned bearable for camping. One day while most of the room mates were either at school or at work, Dean was alone in the house. He was busy with completing school work, chores and planning his camping trip for the following week. As he busied himself with chores he began humming a familiar tune. Humming while working is not one of his habits, he soon realized that he was humming along with a familiar musical tune that he was hearing. The tune was something familiar; something that he learned in his youth. He recognized it as an old folk song – “Oh, Suzanna”. At first it was a vague sound, like a distant radio playing in the background. Within just a few seconds it sounded closer, louder, and with more echo. The familiar music sounded less like a recording and more like a live musician playing in a tiny music hall. The music had a tin metal characteristic to it. Curiosity got the best of Dean. He went outside in the front and backyard of the house, he didn’t hear it. Back into the house he went. The familiar music was heard again, and it sounded like it was coming from the air vents. During that week, the familiar music was heard off and on. Some room mates heard it while others didn’t. Dean thought that he should check out the air vents. He took the metal vented plates off, cleaned and investigated the ducts. He didn’t find anything unusual. The origin of the music was a mystery. One room mate thought that perhaps it was just the desert wind blowing through the house and carrying the sound with it.

The following week was the camping trip. In preparation for the trip, Dean went to retrieve his camping equipment from the attic. He grabbed his open box of cooking supplies and inspected the equipment. He knew that he was going to have to wash all the cooking gear before the trip. He lifted a frying pan from the box and found an old photo yellow with age, right inside the pan! The photo was of a family – not his family. Dean took the photo downstairs to take a better look at it. He had never seen this photo before. The photo was of a man, a woman, and a child. The face of the man was missing. It wasn’t like the face was obscured, just missing. The face just was not there. You could just barely make out where the nose, eyes and chin should be. He was wearing old western apparel and the rest of the photo was clear with detail. You could see the woman’s face and clothing and the children’s as well. It was just like the man’s face had melted away. Like someone erased it.

Dean didn’t know how the photograph got into his camping equipment. None of the room mates claimed the photo, nor did any of the past room mates enter the attic. Dean thought that this was a clue to the mysterious familiar music.