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Finding Haunted Places in Your Home State

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With television shows like “Ghost Hunters,” “Haunted Highway,” and “Ghost Lab” becoming so popular in recent years, it is no surprise that more and more people are thinking about adding haunted locations to their vacation destinations.  Many people find the thought of visiting a true haunted house to be thrilling and exciting.  The problem with this, however, is that it can be far too expensive and time consuming to travel to distant places just to see a haunted location.  Fortunately, however, there are haunted locations which can be found in every country and even every state, if you know where to look.

With a little bit of time and energy put into research, most people can find several different spots within a short drive that have reports of hauntings.  They may not be ancient castles, prisons, or insane asylums which have long and detailed stories behind them, but in many cases they are just as chilling and intriguing.  So, if you fancy yourself a weekend ghost hunter, review these tips and tricks for finding local areas which might just be haunted by ghosts from your very city.

Start a Group

There is nothing more effective for finding new and exciting haunted areas in your county than forming a group of likeminded individuals.  You can get together in person or just chat online about different rumors and stories you may have heard about concerning local haunting locations.  This can also be a great way to meet new people with similar interests. 

One of the fastest and easiest ways to start a group for this is to make an ad on Craigslist or Facebook.  Posting in the community section with specific details about what you hope to accomplish with this group will almost always get the attention of likeminded individuals.  Whether you are interested only in ghosts or you want to start a more general paranormal group, you’ll be sure to get a group together in no time.

Public Library

Most public libraries have records of all the old newspapers and other publications from the area.  Searching through these may be time consuming, but watch for any old stories about murder or other unusual events.  Focus specifically on unsolved murders or those which took place surrounding odd circumstances or in an unusual location.  These types of things often lead to hauntings. 

In addition to the murder itself, see if you can find out where bodies were found in your area from either murder or accidents.  When a body is left in an area without a proper burial or service, it may lead to a haunting as well.  Taking the time to check out these places in person can sometimes yield some impressive results. 


Yes, it may seem clichéd or too obvious, but it can hardly be argued that graveyards have a strong potential for being haunted.  Remember, however, that desecration of graves is illegal, and you must treat the entire area with great respect while you’re there.  For best results try to find an old graveyard that is no longer in active use and visit it at night to see if you notice anything unusual. 

Another option when it comes to graveyards is to look for local pet cemeteries.  Whether haunted by the spirits of pets or their owners who miss them, this is often a surprisingly active area which most traditional ghost hunters don’t think to try.

Outdoor Locations

Most of the haunted places on television focus on old buildings, but the fact is there are many outdoor locations which have long histories of being haunted.  Whether you try to find existing spots which people consider haunted or you simply drive around at night until you see an area that catches your eye, outdoor haunted areas are more common than most people might think.  Taking a walk through an area that has stories of being haunted associated with it always has the potential to result in a fascinating experience.

With the history of people living in an area often going back hundreds, or even thousands, of years, it is easy to understand that there is a huge potential for finding haunted areas near your home.  Remember, however, that some areas are more active than others, so don’t give up after just one visit.  If you find a location that seems promising, make sure to come back several nights in a row to see what you find.  Also, always remember to trust your intuition about a given area.  Sometimes the best locations don’t have any indication of being haunted other than the way you happen to feel when you drove past.  Good luck, and happy hunting.