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Groom Tries to Kill Himself at His Own Wedding after Seeing Bride for the First Time

Kang-Hu - Grrom that tried to kill himself 2

Arranged weddings are a bad idea in any culture, however in many instances the couples involved do attempt to make it work. Not in this case however.

It has been reported in Chinese news this week that a young groom from China’s Hubei province was so disappointed after seeing his bride for the first time, that he abruptly left the wedding ceremony and tried to kill himself.

The reports state that 33-year-old Kang Hu felt that the bride did not meet his high standards. He went as far as telling his wife to be, 30 year old Na Sung that she was ‘too ugly’ and would be ‘bad for his image’. All of this in front of a stunned room full of wedding guests.

He then walked out of the ceremony and tried to drown himself in a nearby river.

“It was a very awkward moment for everyone,” said Pal Chan Wang, a guest at the wedding. “The bride was devastated, her family were furious and we his friends were embarrassed.”

Kang-Hu - Grrom that tried to kill himself
A Mr Chan Wang, a good friend of the groom managed to take pictures of the rescue

The wedding party then proceeded to search for the groom, spending several hours in vain until someone spotted him wandering along a nearby riverbank.

Before anyone could reach him, Kang Hu threw himself into the water.

A good friend was close by, and did not waste the opportunity to take photographs: “He was fully clothed and floating face down in the water,” said Qan Tsui, “He was unconscious and I thought he was dead. When the police arrived, one jumped in and dragged him ashore with the help of firemen who put a rope around his chest to pull him out before pumping his chest. They saved his life.”

Kang-Hu - Grrom that tried to kill himself 4
Groom Kang Hu was unconscious when rescue services raised him from the water

On regaining consciousness, Kang eventually explained his behavior: “I feel bad about what happened but when I saw her she wasn’t what I had expected and I realised she would be bad for my image. My parents had arranged this and I couldn’t see any way out apart from suicide.” he said.

[Image Credit: CEN]