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Healing With Energy

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While assorted branches of science, including complementary medicine, psychology and quantum physics, use different expressions for energy in terms of life, they do accept its dynamics. Since scientists tend to agree that human bodies contain this force, it stands to reason that energy healing can impact health beneficially. To understand how this procedure works, consider the following information.

The Seven Bodies

Metaphysically speaking, human consciousness has seven subtle bodies: etheric, emotional, mental, astral, etheric template, celestial and casual. These seven bodies form the auric system. The first three reside on the physical plane, the next three are considered spiritual while the casual body contains these six forms. Despite its lackluster name, the casual body holds much importance because it vibrates at the highest frequency.

Traditional medicine mostly treats the physical forms (etheric, emotional and mental). That’s where people experience activities on a conscious level, including illness and death. Its ethereal part handles dreams and expresses sensations, including pain. Psychologically trained professionals treat the mental component.


Alternative science teaches that the seven major chakras connect the seven bodies of the auric system. Six of them are linked to vital organs of the physical form while the crown chakra ties the whole system together. It also connects to the source of universal energy. The chakras’ purpose is to absorb, break up and distribute universal energy.

How Energy Affects Illness

More balanced energy flow translates to better health. The opposite can eventually lead to disease with effects that distort perceptions and affect enjoyment of life. These symptoms of illness manifest in the etheric body and cause pain. While this discomfort seems real, patients tend to experience it differently because of the body’s other aspects. Energy healers address illness by unblocking energy and restoring its proper flow in the etheric layer. Part of this process includes alignment of the chakras.

People can benefit from energy healing by consulting individuals who know how to attune to the universal life force. When patients only treat the physical or energetic body, not both, they can still find themselves afflicted with disease. That’s why it is important to note that energy healing should not take the place of traditional medicine.