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How to Deal with Energy Vampires

Photo: snappygoat.com

Hooded vampires with sharp fangs who suck blood don’t exist, but energy parasites can be found everywhere. Individuals who soak up the vitality of all who linger in their presence thrive on gathering power that doesn’t belong to them. To be fair, most are unaware they steal energy; they just know they feel better after pouring out their woes. After topping up on fuel they happily go on their way, leaving behind drained victims. If you don’t want to be their prey, read on and discover how to cope.

Don’t give away your energy

Unlike thieves of material objects, energy vampires can’t take power without consent. In traditional horror stories, vampires can’t enter your home unless invited. Similarly, if you don’t allow people to steal your energy, they must walk away with nothing.

When you are aware an energy stealer is approaching, be on your guard. Don’t ask how they are even if they inquire about your well-being, since doing so is equivalent to opening the door. You know they will offload negativity with wild abandon given the opportunity, so keep the entrance to your energy store shut.

Stave off energy vampires by being polite but detached. You can be pleasant and impersonal when you need to exchange words. Your courteous disinterest will provide protection and preserve your energy.

How to recognize a professional energy vampire 

Everyone, even you, becomes a temporary energy freeloader occasionally. When people are grieving, genuinely distressed about a problem, or unwell in some other way, they might inadvertently draw other’s energy to replenish their weakened power source.

On occasions when people you care for are unhappy, you might give them a little energy as a gift. Likewise, when you are unwell, they may do the same for you. Offering a shoulder to cry on and a listening ear in times of need to a short-term vampire is different to allowing an experienced energy-guzzler access to your supply.

You can recognize an established energy vampire because they constantly want to drain you rather than only when times are rough. Also, they don’t return the favor. When your vitality is low, they continue to steal your power instead of helping you. As such, you need not feel guilty for being detached when they come near. 

The art of staying safe

When you meet an energy vampire in the street remaining politely detached is simple after a few practices, but, bump into one in an enclosed environment where you can’t swiftly move on, and you need to baton down your hatches.

You can achieve your aim to stay safe by taking charge of the conversation. Even if the vampire tells you their woes, don’t get sucked in, steer the discussion to a neutral subject. Your favorite foods, comedians, and places of interest are useful conversation fodder. Stick to positive or impersonal topics and the vampire won’t find a way to your energy supply.

Energy vampires are real. The good news, though, is they can’t steal your vitality unless you let them. Stay on your guard and even the most accomplished predators won’t harm you.