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Is He Lying? 5 Signs to Spot

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There’s something instinctive about spotting liars, probably because a person will look uncomfortable and shifty when he is lying, especially if he is bad at it. However, we can never full rely on our ability to spot a liar unless you know what to look for. Here are the 5 signs you can use to spot a liar when you see one.

Posture and stature

Most times, you can tell that a person is lying if he starts to twitch or fidget. This is a sign that he is nervous and anxious.  However, the total opposite could also indicate that a person is lying to you. If he becomes totally still, this is a sign of the body tensing up and preparing for confrontation. This posture is going to be in stark contrast to that of someone who is relaxed and has the ability to move casually, with a subtle swing of the arms or the natural carry of the head which indicate a relaxed and open demeanor.

Faster breathing

If his breathing starts to get deeper and faster, this is indicative of his attempt to catch his breath due to the increased heart rate and change in blood flow. Look at how the shoulder heaves up and down and if the voice becomes shallow or unclear.

While it is true that any person will start to breathe faster when confronted, people with nothing to hide are more likely to appear more calm and composed than the one who started the confrontation because they will want to try to calm the other person down.

Difficulty speaking

If he is lying, he may find it difficult to speak. If the body is stressed, it lessens the amount of saliva in the mouth, causing it to dry. He may start clearing his throat or purse his lips to remedy this. Stammering as he tries to answer is another indicator that he may still be getting his version of the story straight in his head.


A person whose first reaction is anger when being confronted with a lie might be lying. While this is not true for every situation, immediate displays of aggression the moment the other person is confronted are a tell-tale sign that something is not right. 

Extra details and stretched out answers

If your question can be answered directly but the other person seems to prefer to beat around the bush, this is a good sign that you need to listen more carefully. An honest person will have nothing to hide and will answer directly, almost automatically. A person who is lying will try to cover behind extra details and long sentences so he’ll have more time to craft the right answer in his head. 

People lie all the time, and sometimes, it’s not a bad thing. However, knowing how to spot a liar when it matters is a great skill to have, especially if you want to weed out the dishonest people from your life.