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James French – The Homeless Man Who Donates To Charity

It is very often those that have little in life that can be the most generous. That is certainly the case with James French, a homeless man living in Seattle.

For the 3rd year in a row, James has saved up money from selling a homeless newspaper, so that he can make his annual donation to the Seattle Children’s Hospital.

French, aka Frenchie, spends his nights sleeping on the streets. During the day you will find him selling the Real Change newspaper in front of a Rite Aid in Belltown, Seattle.

The Homeless Man Who donates To Charity
Homeless James French sleeps on the streets most nights

The story began in 2011 when the Seahawks Marshawn Lynch – French’s favorite player – made the famous “Beast Quake” run in the playoffs against the New Orleans Saints. The extraordinary play by Lynch has earned its place as one of the greatest moments in Seattle sports history.

And it certainly made an impression on Frenchie too. “It inspired me to do something for the community,” French said. From that day he decided to save a portion of his hard-earned money to be donated to children in need.

Frenchie made a pact: “That as long as I live I will be making an annual donation to the Children’s Hospital. Mark my words.” And so every April, Frenchie makes his annual trip to the children’s hospital to make his donation. The first year was $100, and in 2014 he managed to donate $200.

The increase this year has come from the small amount of publicity Frenchie has gained through his generosity. “I would like to mention Will, Ryan and Jenny. They are my current contributors, and I hope to expand that and increase it,” he said.

The Homeless Man Who donates To Charity
Frenchie at the hospital on the day he made his donation

When asked why he chooses to give money to the kids, he said: “I donate to the Children’s Hospital because, one, I don’t have any. And, two, they give me lots of inspiration.”. “Hopefully I can do what little bit I can to take their mind of whatever there issues are with their health.”

Frenchie has a clear mission and vows to continue to make his donation each and every year.

“Until I die, mark my words,” he said.

(Source: Dayton Daily News, KiroTV)