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Russian Roulette with 12,000-Volt Tasers

The latest craze to come out of Russia. Called Perm, it involves playing Russian Roulette. Lunatics Play Russian Roulette with 12,000-Volt Tasers.

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The average Russian male, does seem to have a lot of testosterone running through his veins. Putin continues to be idolized, despite a failing economy and dubious foreign policy decisions, and one can’t help but think its because the general population thinks he looks good riding a horse with his top off. To take it a notch up, russian roulette with tazers has become the latest trend in manhood tests.

In short, the Russian male has what you would call a slightly warped view, (by Western standards at least) of what it means to be masculine.

Hence this latest craze to come out of the Mother Land. A group of hardcore pain addicts have decided that Russian Roulette with guns is yesterday’s news, and have taken it kicking and screaming into the 21st century by playing the game using tasers that shoot out 12,000-volt electric darts.

perm taser russian roulette

Russian forums and social media pages have been swamped with images showing competitors holding taser guns to each other’s heads or their own, ready to fire.

It seems that the goal of this bizarre new game is to avoid getting shocked and incapacitated, so that you are the last one standing.

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The game of techno Russian Roulette is called Perm, after the industrial city on the edge of Russia’s Ural Mountains, where it is currently practiced.

At the beginning of the game, each of the gun-like tasers contains only one live cartridge in the barrel of seven chambers, so there is a one-in-seven chance of a player experiencing a 12,000-volt shock. The shock itself is described as similar to a really hard punch in the head.

Perm Russian Roulette with 12,000 volt taser guns 7

If a player ‘survives’ the first round, the shooter places a second live cartridge in the gun, increasing the chance of being shot in the next round.

The number of cartridges is increased as the game progresses. When players get bored of shooting just one person, they can switch to the ‘Love Triangle’, where three players face off against each other.

Perm Russian Roulette with 12,000 volt taser guns 8

Winning the competition earns players medals, cash prizes and most importantly of all the respect of their peers. Yes, that’s right, if you crave respect – play Russian Roulette

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[Image Credits: Mirror, Perm AIF]