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Luxury Holiday Apartment Dangling 9,000 Feet Above The French Alps

If staying in a cable car 9,000 feet in the air above the French Alps is something you would consider to be a relaxing holiday, Airbnb’s latest marketing stunt will have you covered.

The company has recently announced a new contest for an exclusive stay in a gondola-turned luxury hotel room above the ski resort of Courchevel.

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The cable car sleeps four and has two beds and in what you would call a ‘cosy’ set up at best. However, the views of are absolutely incredible.

On arrival, the winner of the competition will be treated to a run up the ski hills via snowmobile to the cable car. There, mulled wine and a typical Savoyard dinner of cheese fondue welcomes all that stay.

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The night is then spent 9,000 above Combe de Saulire, which is the highest point of the Courchevel resort.

Unfortunately, the cable car is housed in the station at the top of the mountain all night, so guests will not experience the sensation of dangling free in the center of the cable car run. However, this does mean you can use much needed facilities such as a washroom.

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The next day, the car’s occupants will be in the perfect position to lay first tracks over the fresh snow at dawn, before the lifts even start operating.

The contest is choosing one lucky winner and the only way to enter is through the fake Airbnb listing, by writing a 100-word paragraph about why you should be chosen as the winner. The listing is available for one night only.

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[Credits: Business Insider, Studio Paris]