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“Mad” Mike Hughes dies on homemade rocket

Photo: Wikipedia

Here is an addition to our story on inventors who were killed by their inventions.

A Flat-Earther died 22 February 2020 when the steam rocket he had built exploded before reaching the desired 5,000 ft altitude. He was on a quest to reach the boundary between Earth’s atmosphere and outer space, which is approximately 62 miles above the Earth. This last and fatal attempt occurred when the parachute ripped of the rocket shortly after takeoff, causing the rocket and Hughes to crash to the ground in a desert outside of Barstow, California.

The acclaimed, 64-year old daredevil, holds a Guinness World Record from 2002 for the longest limousine jump (103 ft) in a stretch Lincoln Town Car. He was also a self-proclaimed flat-earther, although sources close to him say that he never actually believed that, but found it lucrative in raising funds and drawing attention to his stunts.

He was being filmed as part of the Science Channel’s “Homemade Astronauts” series. It is unknown if the Science Channel will continue the production. Hughes had succeeded in a previous attempt with a similar homemade rocket in 2018 to reach 1,875 ft.