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Need More Luck? Here’s How to Get Good Fortune to Shine

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Lucky people are born that way, right? Apparently not. You don’t need special genes, which is good news since it means you can increase your meetings with good fortune. The following tips explain how.

Live in the present

This moment is where everything new transpires, so if you want to increase your luck, ditch other timeframes for here and now. What’s happening? You don’t know? Then you need to become more engaged with your environment. Being in the present only counts if your ears are pricked up and your eyes are wide open.

Keep your radar switched on, be ready to spot opportunities to thrive, and listen for potentially helpful data. Let your social circle be your network to help you discover fresh possibilities.

Focus on what you want

What you notice most in life depends on where your concentration lies. If you’re thinking about lemon cheesecake rather than ways to improve yourself, guess where life will take you? You’ve guessed it; you’re going straight to the patisserie. As a result, your waistline will expand rather than your bank balance or career prospects. Send your mind in a constructive direction instead of letting it frolic.

Stay upbeat

Unlucky people don’t have long faces because life’s been cruel; their sour dispositions stem from negative thinking. Optimists remain positive even when their plans go awry.

Instead of dragging their heels and complaining, they put on rose-tinted spectacles and look for happy outcomes. Expect doors to open for you and life to be sweet, and it might accommodate you.

Don’t give up

People often appear lucky when, behind the scenes, they worked their tails off. Don’t be fooled by media reports of successes that don’t mention how long it took individuals to become accomplished.

Most entrepreneurs experience plenty of challenges before they meet their goals. Find ways to get around roadblocks when you hit them. Do what lucky people do: recognize alternative routes might be worth taking.

Expand your comfort zone

You already know the saying: keep doing what you’ve always done, and you’ll get the same results.” If you want more from life than you’re getting, you need to do something different.

Don’t stay in your cozy, safe place; stretch your boundaries and try something new. Meet people and go to alternative places. You’ll stand a greater chance of activating outcomes you don’t usually experience.

Recognize your blessings

Those times when you’re lucky will pass you by unless you notice them. Perception plays a big part in how fortunate you feel. Unlucky people often aren’t more disposed to ill-fortune than other folks; they just focus on unfortunate events and don’t see their blessings. Make a point of acknowledging reasons to feel grateful every day, and you’ll identify even more due to directing your awareness.

Wanting to be luckier and making yourself more fortunate isn’t the same. Instead of waiting for your luck to change, make your success happen. Act like a lucky person and presto, you’ll see positive results.

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