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Orgonite: Supernatural Fad or Holistic Health Aid?

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They look like bewitching paperweights in modern geometrical shapes with lustrous metal filings suspended within a plastic matrix. Some include brilliant crystals spirally wrapped with copper wire lodged inside a clear resin. However, proponents of orgonite claim that these solid-state composites are built to increase “orgone” in the environment, which is an invisible energy that Wilhelm Reich believed was helpful in a variety of health complaints.

Believers in orgone energy have little scientific proof to substantiate their claims, but they also claim that proof is in the actual application and results. For them, orgone objects can be made into “cloud busters” to control the weather and into “tower busters” that remove harmful electromagnetic radiation that emanates from cell towers. However, the whole orgone movement first started as a health rejuvenation strategy that soon got shut down by the federal government in the mid-1950s after it was labeled a fraud. This did not stop the myriad of believers and there are people and organizations who continue to experiment with orgonite in a variety of applications to this very day.

History of Orgone Energy

After Sigmund Freud speculated that sexual issues were at the heart of many of society’s neurosis, Wilhelm Reich took that theory and devised one of his own. He theorized that if the lack of sexual energy sufficient to produce an orgasm was the cause of illness, then accumulating the same energy and dosing subjects with it could instill healing. He set about creating an Orgone Accumulator, which was nothing more than a big metal box lined with organic materials that was said to trap orgone energy inside it. By sitting in the box for several hours, a patient could receive a dose of orgone energy and create sexual health within the body and thus cure a lot of illnesses, both mental and physical. Reich even claimed that orgone energy, when properly applied, could heal cancer and cause weather changes.

From a Western point of view, the idea is beyond belief. The idea that there was some invisible energy (orgone) that permeated all humans and was even responsible for weather formation was too big a stretch for the U.S. government. However, from an Eastern point of view, the idea of “chi” (life energy) is very similar and had been an accepted theory in Asian medicine for thousands of years creating such practices as acupuncture and influencing martial arts and holistic medicine. While Reich attempted to prove his theories via application and careful scientific documentation, much of that was lost when the Food and Drug Administration raided his company, Organon, and took an axe to the accumulators while burning all books and documents relating to the orgone experiments. As for Wilhelm Reich, he died in prison on November 3, 1957, after suffering a heart attack.

Orgonite Fans

The mad scientist may have died, but his ideas did not. Believers in orgone energy continue to experiment with the technology. The latest incarnation of orgone energy devices is a plastic resin paperweight created using the principles of organic and metal materials to create a block of orgonite. These devices are said to transmute negative or Deadly Orgone Radiation (DOR) to Positive Orgone Radiation (POR) by funneling it through a crystal in the device where it is converted into POR via a yet to be revealed mechanism. However, orgone activists exist that will create masses of these devices and then carpet specific neighborhoods with lots of cell towers in a stealthy guerrilla-type action by putting them in locations where they are unlikely to be found and disposed of immediately. For the really hardcore, they create cloud busters that they are convinced reduce the amount of jet plumes, called “chemtrails,” that they argue are being used by unseen forces to manipulate the weather. The proof that their cloud busters are doing their jobs is the lack of chemtrails in an area where a cloud buster has been installed.

Other Orgonite Applications

Since orgonite is simple enough for anyone to create, anyone can experiment with orgonite. However, you can also purchase it online from vendors who all have been working with different shapes and materials in an effort to tease out the secret of orgone energy that disappeared when Reich passed away. You can find orgonite pendants that will sit upon a heart chakra and are said to protect the aura from negative psychic energy or the massive doses of electromagnetic radiation common to modern life. Even if you don’t believe that to be the case, the jewelry is beautiful and unique enough to wear solely for aesthetic purposes. Placing a few orgonite paperweights in your garden is said to improve crop yields, although this claim has also not been proven scientifically. Finally, if you just want to a few clear days in your neighborhood, orgonite fans add tower or cloud busters in their vicinity in the hopes that whatever those lines in the skies are, they’ll be dissipated from the strength of the orgone devices they have around their homes.


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