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Popular Essential Oils and Their Uses

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Essential oils are one of a set of aromatic materials that can be used in the practice of aromatherapy.  Once extracted as oils, active components of various plants are utilized in the alternative health practice by diffusing them into the air. It is believed by aromatherapy practitioners that there are psychological and physical benefits in allowing the oils to enter the lungs and bloodstream via inhalation. Benefits include improving sleep quality, managing pain and reducing anxiety, stress and agitation. 

With there being such a wide range of essential oils on the market to choose from, it may be hard to determine which ones may be the best to use for a certain condition or circumstance. With this in mind here are a list of some of the most popular aromatic essential oils and their uses. 

Lavender- One of the most, if not the most popular of the essential oils used in aromatherapy, when inhaled lavender promotes tranquility, peace and relaxation. Lavender is said to relieve depression, irritability, stress and panic attacks.  Studies have shown that lavender essential oil may also help to fight insomnia by promoting sleep. 

Clove- If you live in an area prone to bugs like mosquitoes, you may well wish to invest in a small bottle of clove essential oil, as when diffused into the air it acts as an effective insect repellent. With its warm, strong, spicy aroma, the oil is said to stimulate memory and concentration and revitalize, whilst combating fatigue and depression. 

Eucalyptus- Eucalyptus essential oil is a must for any sinus sufferer. When diffused for approximately thirty minutes, eucalyptus oil can aid in clearing nasal passages and eliminating harmful airborne bacteria that contribute to feelings of poor health. This essential oil also contributes to the concentration, memory and feelings of optimism, whilst helping to relieve feelings of unhappiness. 

Ylang Ylang- This flowery, sweet oil helps to keep strong unpleasant odors at bay, making it a natural choice to use throughout your home. It is said to conjure up feelings of happiness and calmness whilst relieving feelings of withdrawal, anxiety and fear. It is also said to be a natural aphrodisiac. 

Rosemary- Rosemary essential oil promotes clarity and confidence. The scent is also said to aid in banishing the ailment of headaches.  The woody, evergreen aroma promotes relaxation, whilst increasing brain function. Rosemary oil helps in achieving relaxation whilst stimulating brain activity, which makes it a great study aid for students. 

Lemongrass- Refreshing, relaxing, balancing and light are words often used to describe the scent of lemongrass.  Known for relieving fatigue, confusion and jet lag, this essential oil is also known for warding off insects, depression and headaches. 

Orange- Orange essential oil has been found to reduce pulse rate. Although the scent is uplifting and cheerful, when inhaled it emits feelings of relaxation and calm. A must when ridding your home of unwanted bad smells, orange oil also eliminates airborne pathogens and bacteria from the air, helping to stimulate resilience and strengthen the immune system. 

There are many other essential oils available on the market. Aroma’s emanated from each vary as much as the ailments and conditions that they are said to relieve. Do your research to find out how these natural oils can be of assistance to you.