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Puma Punko

Puma Punco, translated as “The Door of the Puma” is an ancient complex in Bolivia that contains massive block structures of unknown purpose. The blocks themselves are made of andesite and red sandstone, the largest weighing in at an estimated 130 tons. The red sandstone blocks are believed to be from a quarry about 10 kilometers away, near Lake Titicaca in the Andes. The andesite blocks, which are smaller, may be from quarries 90 kilometers away. The method of transport from the quarries to Puma Punko is unknown and a topic for speculation. But where the stones came from and how they got there is probably the least interesting part of this.

What the heck was their purpose?

“H” blocks at Puma Punko

Some of the stone blocks resemble the letter “H” and fit together so tightly, without the benefit of any mortar, that it is not possible to pass a sheet of paper between them! The site is thought to have been constructed sometime after 536-600 AD (although early estimations were 13,000 BCE, which is unlikely). Some of the giant stones remain in place (or where we believe them to have been placed), whilst others appear to be out of place or scattered.

Some of the stones are fitted together to create a platform. But a platform for what? One observer noted that the construction design was similar to that used in constructing modern portable runways. Was this an ancient landing strip for aircraft or spacecraft?

Puma Punko, Bolivia

Why are some of the massive stones seemingly out-of-place? Was there an earthquake or some massive explosion that unseated them? Or, could the simple explanation be that over the last 1500 years of the occupants being gone, the giant blocks have been pilfered by neighboring civilizations to build their own structures?

Is the complex unfinished and, if so, why was it abandoned before it was completed? There are several stones in various stages of completeness that support the “site is unfinished” notion.

There are also several stones that have very particular cuttings on them, although they bear no chisel marks. These cuttings would have been very difficult to execute and would likely not have been done without a specific purpose. There is one stone in particular that exhibits a multi-level cutout that resembles a doorway, but the stone is not cut through. Is this a portal to another realm?

“Beam me up, Scotty?”

The many mysteries of Puma Punko will likely remain such until science advances enough to solve them or until we are able to dream up plausible explanations to explain them.