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Secret ‘Twin Peaks’ Scientology Base, Deep in the California Mountains

Secret 'Twin Peaks' Scientology Base, Deep in the California Mountains 11

According to former Scientologists and a key member overseeing the construction of the site, this sprawling complex deep in the San Bernardino mountains is the main headquarters for the Church of Spiritual Technology, (CST).

This is an autonomous church of the Scientology religion outside of the international Scientology ecclesiastical hierarchy, and is the principal beneficiary of L Ron Hubbard’s estate. It is also in charge of archiving and preserving the Scientology Scriptures for use by future generations.

Built to exactly church leader David Miscavige’s specifications, parts of the site have been constructed to withstand a nuclear holocaust.

It is also alleged that Tom Cruise and John Travolta, along with other high-ranking Scientology members have special bunkers in preparation for the end of the world.

There is even a luxury residence reserved for the Founder, in readiness for his eventual reincarnation.

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The site has upscale residences, and exercise yard but also a special vault entrance which leads to an underground area where the works of Ron L Hubbard are said to be archived and stored.

The 500-acre CST base nicknamed ‘Twin Peaks’, is situated just 120 miles east of Los Angeles, hidden deep in a forest close to Lake Arrowhead and Big Bear.

Full details of what is actually inside the base were revealed by ex-Church member Dylan Gill, the foreman that oversaw the building of the base, back in 1989.

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A guard looks through binoculars from a security building on the site.

Mr Gill revealed, ‘almost no-one in Scientology knew the base existed. To even get invited you’ve got to be in the highest of highest ranks of Scientologists knowing the most secret of secrets. Then there’s a whole layer on top of that once you get there!’

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“I was the foreman, I was the one who signed the checks, did the bidding, and hired the staff and contract workers. Twin Peaks had a budget of about $18 million, but it cost way more. It’s the main base, that’s where all the archiving is done, all the other CST bases are just there to be storage facilities. This is the main one in Scientology.”

And the CST certainly take their role seriously. Internal Revenue Service records show that they spent $13 million in 1992 (after completion of the base) preserving Hubbard’s fiction and non-fiction writings on 1.8 million stainless steel discs. They also recorded his lectures on 187,000 nickel records.

The aim was essentially to create permanent backups of Hubbard’s every written and spoken word.

Speaking out to the press, Gill has explained the difficulties involved in building a complex intended to house Scientology’s elite.

The complex was built to very exacting standards to accommodate the higher echelons of the Church and their VIP friends. Pictured are the VIP lodges.

He states, “the log cabins and houses seen in the pictures were for when Hubbard came back and they were built so that it could house him and all the International Executive like David Miscavige, Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder. It had six bedrooms to house the International Executive.”

“We had the wood flown in from down south, it was pretty expensive, and special carpenters built all the doors. All the furniture was brought over from New Mexico where we had an architect in Santa Fe. It’s basic Scientology procedure. When it comes to COB or Chairman of the Board as we called David Miscavage, you have to get the nicer stuff.”

“We had weekly reports, and he was all over the commanding officers line. He ran everything, I had direct orders from him all the time. When he barks an order you do it, or you get sent to the RPF (Rehabilitation Project Force, where Sea Org members are sent if they’ve not lived up to ‘Church expectations’). You’re walking a tightrope.”

‘The LRH building was built for when he returns, the COB and Inspector Generals. The founder grew up in an era in the 1920s where he believed in the nuclear holocaust, so it’s fundamental to Scientology. If there was a nuclear catastrophe or World War 3, it would still be there ready and available.”

Dylan Gill said cutting edge communication technology was used when construction began in the late 1980s.

‘We were one of the first to use fibre optics and microwaves. We were using the most cutting edge technology we could find to communicate to other bases and with each other. It was all done fibre-optically so there was room for expansion in the future.”

“There were all sorts of cameras. There was sensors everywhere, heat-seeking, motion-sensor ones. A lot of it came into place after defections and people speaking out.”

Angry Gay Pope, a Scientology activist and blogger captured pictures of the site, including those shown here of the gyro gym. He speculated that it is used as a ‘torture device’, a story that the media embraced back in 2013.

A gyro machine stands in the grounds of the base. Hubbard apparently believed such contraptions empowered his followers by helping them understand all of their senses

Dylan has another more mundane explanation of the contraption. He says: ‘The gyro-gym seen in some pictures is part of the whole power process. LRH wanted the staff to get that. It’s meant to challenge all of the senses. There’s a gyro theme to the power process.”

Dylan (now 44) was originally chosen as base leader as he was a trusted messenger. His family had been part of the church for decades.

Mr Gill after leaving the Church. His wife and father are still firm believers, so he had to leave them behind. He now lives cut off from his family.

He states: ‘I spent six months getting sec checked and I was already a trusted messenger for years even though I was only 19. You have to have high qualifications to even be looked at for CST. I had solid sec-check for hours every day, signing non-disclosures all the time. They wanted to make sure I wasn’t a plant.’

After the base was completed, Dylan eventually left Scientology after he got a call saying he was to report back to Gold Base.

He was then sent to the ironically named Happy Valley, which allegedly used to be the notorious torture area where they punish SeaOrgs with hard labor.

He still has no idea why he was put there, but this was common for people who headed up CST bases, sooner or later they’d lose favor, Dylan said.

After suffering hard labour and then, after seeing his wife for the first time in six months, it was obvious that Scientology was more important to her than he was. So he made a run for it in the middle of the night and he was then disconnected from his wife and father, his whole family had disowned him.

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The base boasts top security features to protect it from prying eyes. Pictured are security buildings turned into staff lodgings.

Former high profile Scientologists have also spoken out about the base, however they believe ‘Twin Peaks’ doesn’t archive Hubbard’s literature at all. Rather, billions of dollars in gold and cash reserves.

Writer and activist Arnie Lerma, who left the Church as they wouldn’t let him marry, says: ‘They definitely store money in the vaults in CST Twin Peaks, I’m absolutely sure. In 1989, CST bought half a billion dollars back on the books that Hubbard had channelled away overseas. They do not trust the banks.”

Scientologists believe there will be a nuclear holocaust in the not-too-distant future. Mr Gill speculates that there’s about 30 years of propane on the site.

Arnie also confirms that all the top celebrity church members such as Tom Cruise, John Travolta and Kirsty Alley have visited the base – this is where they’ve paid for a place to live when Armageddon occurs.

[Image Credits: Angry Gay Pope / Coleman-Rayner. Source, Dylan Gill Interview: Dailymailonline.]