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The Most Painfully Funny Facebook Pictures Of All Time

We all probably posted something on Facebook that we later regretted, however, some people go above and beyond, making it to the stupidity and embarrassment hall of fame. We give you what we think is the funniest examples of all time.

Epic Fail! Facebook Pictures. Image Credits: Sean McDowell

Did you ever drunk post ?. Ever posted a picture that turned out to be embarrassing?. Well, we have news for you, you are probably an amateur in that department compared to the amazing stupidity, vanity and arrogance people display below..

We will help you to (probably) feel really really normal and good about yourself, besides, laughing at other people is always fun, so please enjoy the best of the best of the most stupid and embarrassing Facebook photos of all time.

If you have an image you think should be part of this collection, let us know on our Facebook page, if we think it is worthy, we will add here it along with a link to your FB profile.



Technologically challenged.



Happy phone incident

First time ? Did it hurt ?

Startrekwars Trekkie Thingie Whateva…

Kids these days


Too stupid to own a computer


We’ve all made this mistake…. didn’t we ?

Very progressive

Nuff said…

Poor Zach

I’m sure the tattoo artist had a blast with this oneTime stumbles when…

Paying attention

All bases

Definitely unfriended

Politically incorrect dad.How insensitive.

Makes you wonder…

Guys, always check this… every …. day.

How rude.. and true.

Yeah, you have to be careful these days.

Each to his own pleasure

Needs help!

2 years from now, The Jerry Springer Show.

Business is business…

Guess who’s gay…

So there you have it people, what we think is the funniest and most embarrassing Facebook pictures of all time. We hope you had a laugh, we sure did when posting this, now get back to your lives and feel good about yourself… Unless you are one of the posters above, you can continue feeling bad. If you have other examples you think should be in this hall of fame, then please post it to our Facebook page