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Tips for Getting Started With Ghost Hunting

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You’ve seen a thousand episodes of Ghost Hunters, along with movies like Paranormal Activity. Now you want to go ghost hunting for yourself. However, before you go crawling through abandoned houses with a video camera, there are a few things you ought to know.

  • Take what you see on television with a grain of salt. Many ghost hunting shows visit locations with a reputation for being extremely haunted. The makers of these programs shoot hours worth of footage and edit together the most intriguing bits for public consumption. In reality, ghost hunting can include long, tedious hours in which you encounter nothing more than mosquitoes and spiders.
  • Do your research, but evaluate everything you read. Some “historic haunted buildings” have invented ghosts and history to boost tourism. Some paranormal websites give contradictory information.
  • Don’t invest in expensive equipment immediately. While ghost hunters on television may have infrared cameras and other sensors, you can gather basic information with a tape recorder, a camera and a hiking compass. After you have been ghost hunting long enough to determine that you are committed to this pastime, you can consider investing in more expensive equipment.
  • Hunt in places that are good candidates for haunted locations, including theatres, old homes, cemeteries, old public buildings and the sites of battlefields.
  • Start out by hunting during the day. Many haunted locations such as theatres, public battlefield parks and cemeteries are open to the public during daylight hours. Wandering around with a video or audio recorder and asking questions is one way to pick up electronic voice phenomenon. However, the living staff at the location may give you funny looks.
  • Before you go into any property, make sure that you have permission to be there. According to most ghost hunting experts, the best time to see active spirits is at night, which is usually when even public locations close down. Exploring an area at night without permission is a good way to get arrested. Asking permission will ensure that you might get invited back for future explorations.
  • Always hunt with a partner. Since you will be exploring an area at night, it’s easy to lose your footing or sprain an ankle. If you hunt with a partner, one of you can go for help, or assist the other.
  • Consider taking your first few hunts with your local paranormal society. Most paranormal societies are filled with people who are scientifically exploring the paranormal and gathering evidence. The cooler heads in these groups will help to demystify an experience with a haunting and make ghost hunting seem less scary. Additionally, some haunted properties are more likely to open their doors to larger groups with credentials than to a couple of beginners.
  • Examine your motives. Most ghost hunters are collecting evidence as part of a scientific inquiry. If you are getting into the activity for thrill-seeking, you may be disappointed.