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What Your Favorite Color Reveals About Your Personality

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Most people have a favorite color. Some people even have more than one. But did you know that your favorite color holds a number of clues about your personality? According to the theory of color psychology, colors hold a prominent place in our perception of the world, and in turn, our perception of ourselves. What does your favorite color say about you?


White is the color of fresh snow, blank pages, and clean teeth. It’s no surprise that people with white as their favorite color tend to be perfectionists. They are honest to a fault, and are often the model of fairness. If white is your favorite color, you value cleanliness and simplicity. Feeling under the weather? Try organizing your living areas. Not only will it appease your inner perfectionist, but it’ll also remove tons of visual chatter to lower your stress.


Yellow is the color of sunflowers, lemonade, and gold.  People whose favorite color is yellow are optimistic and happy. They also tend to be friendly and warm, which makes them great best friends. If yellow is your favorite color, you value sunshine and logic. For an instant mood boost, spend some time outside when the weather is good. On days the sun is nowhere to be found, exercise your brain with some puzzles or board games.


Pink is the color of cotton candy, spring flowers, and princess dresses. If pink is your favorite color, you are most likely a hopeless romantic. People who love pink are sensitive and imaginative, and they are often run by their hearts rather than their minds. You value creativity and inspiration and will seek out hobbies that use your skills in those areas. To brighten a dark day, consider writing in a journal. The distance will help to see solutions that are hiding behind uncomfortable emotions.


Red is a complex color: it can represent anger as well as sensuality. Red is simultaneously the color of blood and also of roses. People whose favorite color is red are passionate, and will sacrifice when necessary for an issue they care about. They are also powerful and strong, and are prone to aggression if they’re not careful. These people tend to value beauty and pleasure. If you’re having a rough day and need a pick-me-up, try engaging your physical senses. Go for a massage, or spend some intimate time with your partner (or yourself — no judgement!).


Orange is the color of winter bonfires, summer citrus fruits, and fall pumpkins. If your favorite color is orange, it’s likely that you are confident and overflowing with self-esteem. This warm color also means that you are extroverted and may have some unconventional interests. People whose favorite color is orange value flavors and aromas, and may eat according to their emotions. To cheer yourself up, use the power of aromatherapy. Since you are especially attuned with your sense of smell, the effects that would be subtle for most people will be exaggerated for you. Be sure to choose your scents carefully!


Green is the color of four-leaf clovers, tall grass, and ancient forests. Lovers of green are more in tune with nature than the average person. They are the perfect combination of hopeful and ambitious, which allows them to achieve things that others only dream of. If green is your favorite color, you value new opportunities and fresh perspectives. While it may be tempting to work a project until completion, don’t forget to take breaks and breathe in the healing outside air. Worst case scenario it will give you the space needed to come to an educated decision, and it might even reveal the exact steps you need to take to succeed.


Blue is the color of the sky, the sea, and the filter they use to represent night time in movies. Blue is a calm and tranquil color, and lovers of blue tend to reflect this tranquility. They are loyal and dependable — if they tell you they’re there for you, you know you can believe them. They also are more in touch with their emotions than other people, which allows them to maintain their sense of calm. People whose favorite color is blue tend to value trust and security, and will do whatever it takes to prove their trustworthiness, but they need some reassurances in return. To lift a blue mood, spend some time doing something that makes you feel safe and secure. Feel free to include the people you feel most comfortable around, but be sure to avoid any who bring you distress.


Purple is the color long associated with royalty and regal status. It could represent a velvet robe, soft and luxurious, or it could represent a glass of wine. Either way, people whose favorite color is purple tend to be sophisticated, and take great pride in that sophistication. They are highly intuitive and natural problem-solvers. They have a more refined sense of style than other people, and value luxury and fashion. If purple is your favorite color, you can brighten your mood by engaging in a little retail therapy (even if it’s just window shopping). Creating goals around the things you want and deserve in your life increases your chances of getting them, and you gain satisfaction from coming up with the perfect plan of action.


Grey gets a boring reputation compared to other colors. It’s the color of elephants and storm clouds and dust, and these are things we often take for granted. But if your favorite color is grey, you appreciate that elephants are a symbol of infinite wisdom. You, too, are full of so much wisdom that making decisions and coming to conclusions may be more difficult for you than the average person. You are introverted, like the storm clouds which have yet to release their rain. You are also humble, because you know that we all turn to dust eventually. If your favorite color is grey, you value wisdom and facts. You understand that reaching a conclusion can be difficult, so you appreciate those who lead you to the conclusion with proper evidence. If you’re in need of a mood booster, try spending some quality time alone. While many people would feel lonely spending time by themselves, you appreciate the quiet and the space to explore your options without interruption.


Brown is another color that doesn’t get enough love. The color of wood and dirt, it mostly goes unnoticed unless it’s out of its element. However, that doesn’t make brown any less important. Like the color brown, people whose favorite color is brown tend to be quiet and subtle. When they do open up, they are some of the most authentic people you could ever meet. Lovers of brown value commitment and will faithfully stand by the people they feel would stand by them. They also value vulnerability, and will protect those who need protecting, whenever it’s in their power to do so. To raise your spirits, set aside some time to have a heart-to-heart with someone in your inner circle. Share the things that bring you a sense of satisfaction, as well as the things that bring you disappointment. By allowing yourself to be vulnerable, you are nurturing your inner self.


There’s some debate whether black is a color or just the absence of color. It brings to mind ravens, nighttime, and witches — things that most people consider scary. But for people who have black as their favorite color, black represents mystery. These people are more secretive than most. They build walls around themselves not to keep people out, but because they are so secure in their sense of self that other people’s opinions do not phase them. If black is your favorite color, you are often authoritative and command attention from those in your presence. You value substance and depth and aren’t likely to engage in small talk and gossip. People who love the color black are happiest when they have room to explore the things they desire. Therefore, to cheer up, they must spend time exploring a new interest or hobby. They may find that it’s not for them, and that’s OK. They’re far more concerned with what they are than with what they are not.

Don’t feel like your favorite color resonates with you? Take a look at the colors you tend to surround yourself with. According to color psychology, the colors that a person surrounds themselves with can have a profound impact on their personality and mannerisms. Decorate your space with the colors whose traits you’d like to embody, and prepare to be amazed at the difference it makes!